Momonga Pinball Adventures gets set to blend pinball and platforming this spring

Back in 2005 Nintendo released Metroid Prime Pinball for the DS. With the exception of Tetris DS, I did not play any other game nearly as much as that unique take on Samus’ world. The idea of an adventure game in a pinball table was fascinating. Though it could have benefitted from taking more liberties instead of sticking almost completely to traditional pinball conventions, it was still a crazy fun game that slipped under a lot of radars. Dutch developer Paladin Studios has taken that idea and fleshed it out completely with their upcoming iOS and Anrdroid game Momonga Pinball Adventures.

You play as Momo the momonga (it’s a real animal – Google it if you appreciate the most adorable things on the planet). Momo’s town was overrun and sacked by bad guys, and now it’s up to him to rescue everyone. The game looks like a colorful 3D platformer, but it’s actually all set up like a huge pinball machine. You’ll advance Momo through the world with the flippers, as long as your aim is good enough. There are boss battles along the way, suggesting that Momonga Pinball Adventures may be more action/adventure and less pinball, simply using a pinball mechanic as a way of moving your character.

Momonga Pinball Adventures seems like it has all the right pieces in place to be a game that we can’t wait to play. I love pinball in all forms, enjoy a good platformer, and I have a weakness for ridiculously cute things. Combine those elements and you’re essentially making a game that you’ll sell at least one copy of. To me.

Momonga Pinball Adventures

Momonga Pinball Adventures

With a non-descript release date of “spring” for iOS and Android I’ll be anxiously waiting to get my pinball adventure on!