Help poor Bitter Sam make something of his life this March

Many of live our lives in relatively anonymity, but for Sam, that goes double. The tiny little critter isn’t the smartest fellow, nor is he the most charismatic or lovable. But that’s all set to change and now he has a chance to save the world; or so it is if the scientist who kidnapped him and sent him into a bottomless pit in search of crystals is to be believed.

Bitter Sam is poised to arrive on the iPhone March 15, challenging players to carefully navigate Sam through 100 different stages spread across five different worlds. The game makes extensive use of the iPhone’s tilt controls, as players must rock their device side to side in order to navigate Sam safely through a sea of treacherous obstacles such as spinning blades and nasty spikes to reach his goal. Sam’s life literally hangs in the balance, as he’s attached to a rather brittle-looking tether which will snap if it gets caught on an obstacle, sending our hero tumbling to a rather inglorious death.

Thankfully there are several useful, goofy power-ups along the way, including exploding inflatable pigs and a rope woven from some sort of invincible fibers. Whenever indestructible substances come into play I always just assume they’re made of adamantium, because everything is better when it’s somehow connected to Wolverine.

Bitter Sam Bitter Sam

The lovely folks at Moon Active have put together a little trailer to give players a bit of insight into the life of Sam, as well as show a bit of the game in action. The action is fast-paced, frantic and a whole lot of fun, so we’re looking forward to checking out Moon Active’s debut game when it lands in the App Store next month.