MGM has announced that they will partner with IPFranchise to bring the The Pink Panther to the world’s largest social network. The companies announced their intentions to release Pink Panther’s Amazing Adventure initially on Facebook, then expand to Google+ and other social networks in the very near future.

The game will highlight puzzles and exploration, tasking players will tracking down clues and teasing out the location of the bad guys. Mini-games will pop up along the way to add variety to the gameplay and keep players on their toes while they explore.

Somewhat surprisingly, MGM and IPF have stated their target audience for the game is women ages 30 to 55, which they identify as the fastest-growing segment of the Facebook audience. It’s odd to hear companies so openly define their intended market, especially when all you hear from marketers is how their products are meant to “appeal to all ages” and cross all sorts of demographic boundaries. With the audience for Pink Panther’s Amazing Adventure so clearly defined we should get a good picture of what MGM and IFP think middle-aged women want in a game.

The other major question we have to pose is just how much brand recognition remains for The Pink Panther? No one will dispute the franchise’s cultural relevance back in the 60’s, but at this point we have to wonder how modern audiences feel about old Inspector Clouseau. The series tried a poorly-received reboot back in 2006, so this may be the Panther‘s last chance to roar.

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