Despite being a relatively new service (they only launched back in October), Indie Royale always seems to be willing to try experiment with fresh ideas. Last month, for example, they introduced their first “Lightning Pack,” a bundle that was hyper-focused on a particular niche. And today they’ve launched another exciting first – a bundle made up entirely of games that are currently in the alpha stage of development.

Unlike previous bundles that were aimed at helping developers turn a profit on their finished products, the Alpha Collection will give players access to unfinished games, which in turn will aid developers in raising the funds needed to finish them. And while these games may be in an unfinished alpha stage, they’re still all totally playable in their current state.

Here’s what you’ll get in the collection;

  • Towns – City building and management meets role-playing in an experience that’s being compared to games like Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress and Majesty. Rather than playing a hero, you’ll manage the town that a hero depends on.
  • 3079 – An open world first-person RPG with tons of randomly generated content and a blocky voxel style.
  • Wyv and Keep – A 2D puzzle platformer with a co-op twist about adventurers deep in an ancient temple.

Not only will players get access to the current builds of each game, but they’ll be able to access future updates as they become available.

With crowdfunding becoming an increasingly important factor in indie games development, it’s exciting to see something other than the Kickstarter model being attempted. All three of these games look to have plenty of potential for fun, and for a small donation, you can check them out now and help their developers see these games through to the end. Click here to check out the Alpha Collection for yourself.