There’s a whole segment of casual gamers out there who have gone unserviced until now. GameHouse has announced that they are opening up their unlimited play FunPass service to Mac users, which currently brings all-you-can-play access of over 1700 titles to PC gamers. The service is free to try for seven days, after which time you can pony up $19.99 for a monthly subscription.

GameHouse currently boasts an impressive line-up of well-known casual games, including fan favorites like TextTwist 2, Bejeweled 2 and Plants vs. Zombies. As of today there are 100 Mac-compatible games available for FunPass, but GameHouse has promised to add new titles every week.

In addition to unlimited game access, FunPass users also receive a 30% discount to purchase Premium and Platinum editions of games, as well as 10,000 GameHouse coins a month; enough for a free standard game.

FunPass offers a convenient one-stop shop for those who enjoy casual gaming but don’t want to pay and download every game they like or bookmark a bunch of different websites in order to get their gaming fix. GameHouse currently allows users to try games for free, but non-FunPass subscribers only get a 60 minute trial, then they have to buy the full version. Thus the FunPass is a pretty handy solution for those who find themselves spending lots of time with these types of titles. In fact, the boss probably never should have assigned me this story, because now I’m never going to get any work done.

Click here to check out FunPass’ brand new Mac selection.