Swim through warm, colorful seas on a quest to save your species

It’s got to be tough being the last of your kind. There’s all that pressure to make sure your species is remembered and — hopefully— remembered well. Such is the case in BulkyPix’s upcoming Lightopus, which is all about ensuring the future of your race and looking good while you do so.


The game tells the story of Lightopus, the last of its kind. Monsters from “the Abyss” have managed to wipe out all the other lightopuses (or is it lightopi?) and captured the remaining young of the species. It’s up to you to go into the Abyss and save the Bulbies, who will provide you power-ups to help you on your quest to reclaim your race’s youngsters.


Lightopus will have players weaving through strange, colorful areas of the ocean. This is a strange set of seas, peppered with neon graphics and collectible stars. Along the way, you’ll use your tentacles to fight off the monsters that are all over the place. Based on the trailer, the gameplay looks almost like it’s got a lot in common with Jenova Chen’s masterpiece, flOw.

An exact release date hasn’t been provided, but BulkyPix is promising that the game will come out for iOS devices in early March.