Battlefield 3: Aftershock was one of the most anticipated iOS games of the year, and once it was released, it turned out to be one of the most disappointing. Terrible is really the only word that begins to describe it. Our own reviewer even went so far as to say that EA has “irrevocably damaged the Battlefield brand for a lot of fans.” As it turns out, EA was listening, and they’ve now pulled the game from the App Store based on customer complaints.

The game really has too many problems to list here, but a few of the worst were significant promised features that were missing, multiplayer connection issues, frequent game crashes, no map or HUD, and lag so bad that it became impossible to know if you’d killed anyone or not.

Speaking to IGN, EA Mobile provided the following statement on the subject;

“EA Mobile is committed to delivering mobile entertainment experiences that are on par with the content and quality users have come to expect from their favorite EA gaming brands. To this end, we have decided to remove Battlefield 3: Aftershock from the App Store and are currently re-evaluating the app in response to the consumer feedback we’ve received. We thank all the fans who have downloaded the game to date.”

EA Mobile has further confirmed to IGN that a “more comprehensive” mobile take on Battlefield 3 will be coming to the App Store later in the year.

Kudos to EA for having the courage to pull it, but it still begs the question – how did a game this bad ever get approved for release in the first place?