PopCap gets into the Facebook slots business with Lucky Gem Casino

When it comes to things like slots, lotteries, and race tracks, clichéd expressions like “you’ve got to be in it to win it!” and “everybody’s getting in on the action!” are about as old as gambling itself. But like it or not, they’re also true. With slots quickly becoming the next big thing on Facebook thanks to games like 3D Slots, Lucky Cruise, and Slotomania, it was only a matter of time until one of the big players decided to get in on the gambling scene, and PopCap have done just that with today’s release of Lucky Gem Casino.

Lucky Gem Casino

When it comes to slot machine games, players more or less know what they’re getting in to, and in our limited experience thus far Lucky Gem Casino doesn’t seem to break the mold. What it does do, however, is offer up a great visual style and a variety of machines all themed to match a popular PopCap game.

At launch, the game offers 7 different machines based on existing PopCap properties; Bejeweled, Insaniquarium, Bookworm, Zuma, Big Money, Chuzzle, and Mystery P.I. The game also offers a real time chat function, which is bound to help players pass the time and make some new Facebook friends as they pull the one armed bandit. Though for some strange reason, the chat only seems to be available in full screen play right now.

Lucky Gem Casino

PopCap is no stranger to the world of gambling – I can attest to this first hand as I just scratched a losing Bejeweled lottery ticket last night. But this seems to be their first attempt to crack the popular genre on Facebook. But will they succeed? Be sure to check back soon to find out in our full review.