Land of War readies its missiles for a March 1st strike

Missile strikes are a terrifying proposition in the real world, but thanks to games like Missile Command and Defcon: Everybody Dies, missile strike in video games can be quite a great deal of fun. With that in mind, Lupimedia are prepping Land of War for release on Facebook; a game about launching missiles at real world locations.

Land of War

Lupimedia are promising an experience that takes place on real maps and in real time, giving gamers the chance to send missiles careening into locations all over the world, wherever opposing players reside. In turn, players will attempt to build up a facility filled with anti-air defenses, oil wells, refugee camps and more, as they try to earn enough money and experience to ready the next launch code.

Unlike most real-time games, Land of War won’t be dividing players into different servers. Instead, everyone will be playing in a single massive game. Should it garner the number of players it’s hoping for, Land of War could be huge – connecting more players in a single experience than any other game you can think of.

Land of War

To quote the late President Reagan, “we begin bombing in five minutes.” Expect this one to hit Facebook on March 1st.