Deepworld takes 2D crafting games and adds a healthy dose of steampunk

Just when you thought the deluge of Minecraft clones was slowing down, here comes one that adds a twist! If Terraria made the time-destroying experience a 2D affair, the upcoming Mac and iOS game Deepworld takes the Terraria perspective and adds a steampunk theme. Got enough room in your digital library for monacles, moustaches, picks and shovels?

Developer Bytebin has not taken the easy route to “just another Minecraft clone” with their chosen art style, which will be this game’s biggest appeal. Looking at the video preview, you can see that lots of the items have a “crosshatch” look to them that can’t be easy to fit into the famously tiled style of these mining/creation games.

While much like Terraria this will be a multiplayer-focused experience, there are plans to include some single player content. Everything looks like it will fit in nicely to the steampunk world. Characters are outfitted appropriately, the earthy color palette is what you’d expect and the UI elements fit nicely.

While Deepworld doesn’t look like it’s going to revolutionize the mining game world, all signs look good that they’ll get the important elements right while infusing their own style into it. There’s no release date set (or even hinted at) but the game is currently in the alpha stage of development and is in search of testers for when the game reaches beta. As soon it’s available to the public, we’ll be sure to let you know!