Cubis Creatures puts Cubis in your pocket on March 2nd

FreshGames’ Cubis series has been winning over puzzle gamers for years, but it hasn’t hit the App Store until now. Enter Cubis Creatures, the first game in the series to come to iOS devices. And it looks like it’ll be so fun that the wait was worth it.

The game’s basic premise features lots of puzzles and achievements. You have to wake sleeping (and very fluffy) creatures from their mystical hibernation. In order to accomplish this, you have to stack, smash, and match a bunch of colored cubes in order to solve a series of eighty puzzles.

While the game will clearly feature a lot of the content that fans of the original series will love, FreshGames is also aiming to widen its audience with the game’s new “arcade feel,” which contains the following:

  • 80 levels that are “guaranteed to never be the same twice.”
  • Daily “Cubis Tournaments” that let players compete with each other around the globe.
  • Real world prizes have been announced as part of future plans for the game.
  • Additional level packs.

Cubis Creatures

Cubis Creatures

Cubis Creatures will be hitting the App Store on March 2nd.