When we hear a game described as something that will “break the mold of what a Facebook game should be,” there’s no doubt that our collective hears will perk up here at Gamezebo. And that’s exactly what Spark Brilliance Productions’ CEO Glen Sanger has said about their upcoming project Clockwork and Crossbones.

Clockwork & Crossbones will be a turn-based multiplayer strategy game for Facebook and Kongregate set on the high seas, but with a steampunk twist. Players will create an armada of ships that they’ll use to do battle against real world opponents. But while elements like this are nothing new to social gaming, here’s something you might not be expecting: Clockwork and Crossbones will also feature a single-player campaign that’s powered by weekly episodic content.


“We wanted a game that serious gamers could play on Facebook as well as something that non-gamers could play that would be more engaging than waiting on a timer to click a button,” Sanger says on the project’s Kickstarter profile. “The world was ready, we knew, for people to start taking social media games seriously. The result was Clockwork and Crossbones. “

In addition to the above, Spark Brilliance Productions’ are promising a great deal of fleet customizability, co-operative multiplayer (in addition to competitive), and all of the brass gears and goggles you could hope for from a steampunk setting. And while the game will be debuting on Facebook, the developers are also aiming to bring it to Kongregate.

Clockworks and Crossbones is already well into development, but they need to raise another $5000 to bring it to full release. So what will you get in return for your pledge? How about exclusive in-game items, art prints, t-shirts, and more! Big contributors can even help to design items or characters for the game.


Project Name: Clockworks and Crossbones
Platforms: Facebook initially, later Kongregate
Funding Needed: $5,000
Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $819
Days Left: 56

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