Lil’ Sherman is the cutest little tank World War II has ever seen

World War II has never looked quite so adorable as it does in Lil’ Sherman, the first title from fledgling developer Floppy Entertainment. It’s an upcoming tank game that’s got some super-cartoony graphics and, based on what we’ve seen, looks ridiculously cute.

The game is a 3D shooter, where the titlular Lil’ Sherman (a tank that seems to be a bit like the anthropomorphized vehicles of Thomas The Tank Engine) drives through enemy territory and does battle with other vehicles. These vehicles are going after the supply convoys on their way to your command center, so it’s up to you to protect them.

Lil' Sherman

The command center will also bring some defense elements into in the game, since you can place various weapons and deterrents to help protect the base. Along the way, Lil’ Sherman can choose from a wide selection of weapons and upgrades.

Lil’ Sherman is coming out for both iOS and Android devices sometime this April. Keep an eye out on it.