With The Hunger Games being the next big thing to hit the movie screen since Twilight and Harry Potter, it was only natural to assume an iOS game would be in the works as well.

What’s interesting is who will be developing it. According to a post on his blog, Adam Saltsman (developer of Canabalt and Gravity Hook) is currently developing The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire.

The story behind how this happened is almost as interesting as the news itself.

Lionsgate (the studio behind the movie) originally approached Saltsman to create a Hunger Games version of Canabalt. Mr. Saltsman declined, but pitched the idea of a touch-based action game focusing on marksmanship and strategy. To which, Lionsgate apparently replied, “Great, When can you start?”

I’d venture to guess that 99% of developers would have licensed the IP just to get a piece of phenomenon that is The Hunger Games, and the other 1% would not been bold enough to counter-pitch a games idea back.

So, Adam Saltsman, we salute you, for your business acumen and ability to stay true to your game design self!


Saltsman also has put together quite a team behind the game development, as reported by Touch Arcade.

On a personal level, I’m excited about this news.

For one, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when you marry an elite team of indie developers with the mass-market franchise of the year. And two, The Hunger Games rocks. Though I can’t say I really got into Harry Potter or Twilight, I read all three books of The Hunger Games in the span of two weeks. Now, I’ll have a game to play on my iPhone while I wait in line to watch the midnight premiere showing of the movie.