All aboard for word puzzle fun!

Word Train is, and I don’t want to blow your mind here, a word puzzle game with a train theme. Your task is to take three train cars that have different letters on them and use them to create words to solve themed clues. You’ll start each round with 5 clues for different words, and then 15 trains with the combinations of letters on them. You solve the clues in any order, and each train piece is used just once.

The game continues the train theme with the layout of the actual puzzles themselves. There’s a main train line that unlocks categories of puzzles that are then represented as an offshoot of track of various puzzles that fall under that category. So for instance under the “World” category, you have tracks of puzzles called “Country, Changes, Cities, Rivers and Lakes.”

Word Train Word Train

The categories keep going and going it seems, and are even broken up under different “junctions,” which is a really fancy way of organizing the amount of content here – over 300 puzzles! The base game has 300 altogether, but then the game goes and throws a new one in every day as a “daily challenge.” So suffice to say even if you do get through everything here, there’s still a reason to keep the app on your phone so you can play a little bit every day.

So how exactly do the puzzles work? Say, for instance, you’re in the “Solar Systems” category and are on the “origins” train stop. Well one of the clues there is “Star system, from Greek ‘gala,’ milk.” By selecting the “GA” “LA” “and “XY” trains, you spell “Galaxy.” Those trains are removed from the play area, you get scored depending on how fast you were and you go on to solve the next 4 with the remaining train pieces.

Each level is the same way. Category, theme, 5 clues, and 15 trains with different mixes of letters on them. The categories cover a wide range of topics, and a lot of times the clues are really no joke. What’s more, it’s a weird way to look at the letters, all broken apart like that. Even if you’re pretty sure of the word, it still takes a little hunting to know for sure.

It’s a good feeling and makes you feel like you’re solving puzzles, and not just hunting for words. Sure, you can solve a good number of them through brute force, but the game seems to do a good job of making you not want to go that route.

It’s tough to argue against a game like Word Train. It’s got over 300 levels to play, and new ones constantly via its daily challenge. And it’s free. Seriously, even if you’re on the fence, trying it won’t cost you anything. Word Train is polished and packed with content, and it’s a welcome addition to the platform.