Become a spy in the upcoming augmented reality game CodeRunner

Sometimes, games can seem so real, it’s a little bit creepy. That seems to be the intention of RocketChicken Interactive’s upcoming iOS game, CodeRunner. CodeRunner is a spy game that brings about a completely new experience to the mobile gaming world. True, spies are nothing new to gaming. Fortunately in this case, you don’t play a spy. In this alternate reality, you are a spy.

Your mission is so vital, HQ is going to fly you to…wherever you are right now. RocketChicken is pulling out all the stops in their attempt at an “alternate reality game.” CodeRunner is a game that is intended to be played anywhere and everywhere. Using your iPhone’s GPS, you’ll be expected to go places, complete missions and interact with a wide variety of real-life objects in order to complete the game’s story.

RocketChicken is staying somewhat quiet on the actual content of CodeRunner‘s story. What we do know is that you’re a spy from the Department of Privacy. At times, you’ll be given a briefing from your phone that explains your mission, including its location and your objective. Using your GPS, you’re to travel (within walking distance) to various points in your area and complete a specific objective. Your objectives will include “hacking” into devices and networks, viewing security cameras, and leaving drops for other players to find.

CodeRunner CodeRunner

CodeRunner looks to be a game that relies mostly on its single player experience, but the ability to leave drops for other players has the ability to add a whole other aspect to the alternate reality. If you choose to, you can leave a clue or message for another player to assist them in completing their mission.

CodeRunner will make its debut in the App Store on February 28, for $2.99.