For the glory, for the honor, for the MONEY!

Everyone remembers Camelot, home to King Arthur and his court. Valiant knights, beautiful women, and all the chivalry any one person can stomach. Camelot is such a tired setting for a videogame, though. That’s where Battleloot Adventure comes in. The setting is Kameloot, a wealthy kingdom that faces threats from monsters, mercenaries and taxes. As the player enters the kingdom he or she must fight, loot, and laugh his or her way through the story.

While the tale of Battleloot Adventure doesn’t sound like anything too original (name one fantasy kingdom that hasn’t been attacked by monsters), that’s not developer Digital Tales’ intention. Instead, we’re getting the somewhat more original premise of a fantasy world parody. Kameloot is a very wealthy realm, and the appearance of an evil entity known as “taxes” threatens their very livelihood.

Outside of the parody of a tale, Battleloot Adventure is going to feature all the mainstays of RPGs that fans of the genre expect. The cast of characters covers many of the typical RPG classes, such as rogues, fighters, and mages. Battleloot Adventure takes these characters and gives you control of them in a traditional 2D battle system, whose layout appears as a somewhat like a streamlined (and much faster) Final Fantasy.

Battleloot Adventure

Battleloot Adventure

Of course, a game named Battleloot Adventure would be a complete rip off if it didn’t include loot. But rest assured, this game looks to have a ton of it. Swords, guns, armor; the game has all of it in mass quantities. If you’re like me and you absolutely love character customization, there’s much to be excited about when Battleloot Adventure releases.

Battleloot Adventure is due out in March and will be available on the App Store and Android Market.