Upcoming indie RPG Driftmoon looks charmingly unique

Are you sick and tired of your usual routine? Does the corporate grind have you down? Then might I suggest a vacation to the world of Driftmoon, the new indie RPG from Instant Kingdom that looks like it’s going to be refreshingly different from your run of the mill PC games.

The game’s story sounds pretty epic, but it doesn’t exactly make much sense quite yet. It centers around a man named Robert who’s so down on his luck that he’s “lost everything but his bones.” During his journey, he somehow winds up teaming up with a panther and a firefly who has dreams of something bigger, and fights things like necromancers and giant spiders.

Driftmoon is a top-down action RPG with some adventure elements thrown in, to boot. Basically, it looks like a more family-friendly version of Diablo with an extra dash of goofiness thrown into the recipe.



As you can see from the trailer, there’s a ton of stuff to do, ranging from combat to puzzles to world exploration. You’ll even be able to use an included editor to create your own mods. Personally, I’m curious about the time travel paradoxes you encounter, but the ability to trigger explosions looks like a lot of fun, too.

If you want to check out the game for yourself, it’s available for pre-order and a demo for Driftmoon‘s been released at the official website. The actual game is due out sometime within the next couple of months.