Minecraft meets Modern Warfare in the upcoming sandbox shooter Brick-Force

Have you ever played Minecraft, looked at the gorgeous and strange world that you (or others) have built, and thought “I’d love to shoot my friends in this place”? While getting into a game of Team Deathmatch in Minecraft probably won’t happen any time soon, it turns out that you’re about to get the next best thing courtesy of Brick-Force.

Brick-Force seems to be hell bent on blending the comic-stylings of LEGO toys, the retro graphics and world-building mechanics of Minecraft, and first person shooter gameplay. You’ll actually be able to go into a sandbox mode and use it to create custom areas that you can play through and share with your friends.

The game is being co-developed by Korean studio EXE Games and Germany-based Infernum. Right now, details about gameplay modes and character types are still being played close to the vest. However, the two groups are promising that the game will be coming to both social networks and mobile devices, though they haven’t revealed just what formats and devices will be included with in the initial launch.

Brick-Force is expected to launch as a free-to-play title in Europe and North America sometime in Spring 2012. You can register now for the closed beta, expected to start at the end of this month, by visiting the official website at brick-force.com. More than 100,000 players have already registered so far!