Get ready to Help Purple on a colorful quest

With a cast of characters that look like a mix of a cyclops and de Blob, there’s certainly no lack of cute and cuddly to be had from what we’ve seen of Gameday’s Help Purple. Gameday isn’t just offering us cute rainbow creatures on a silver platter, however. They’re also giving the iPad and iPhone a new point and touch adventure.

Help Purple is a bright and vivid adventure that puts you in control of Purple, one of those little creatures who, well, happens to be the color purple. Purple is joined by the other residents of Sra, each of whom are also named after and appear as a different color of the rainbow.

The odd exception to this rule happens to be Navy, I’m not too sure how he got in there.

Each of these characters are in charge of their respective color of the rainbow, as well as possessing other abilities. For example, Blue can control water, Navy controls ice, and Orange is in charge of Sra’s lost-and-found. Purple has the unique ability of being able to learn the others’ abilities.

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

The colors are also joined by three other cast members. Imber is the god of rain and is always accompanied by a rain cloud. Nix is the god that creates snow and has the unique hobby of placing stone in the snow. Finally, Huge is described as an unidentified giant monster attacking Sra town. Huge seems to be a main antagonist of the story, as he begins the game by swallowing all the residents of Sra except for Purple.

Purple then goes on a quest to save his friends, and the player must guide him by tapping various objects on the screen and using the power of color to affect them. To get his friends, Purple is going to have to cross over ravines, swim through seas, and fight off monsters. Purple is subject to the command of the player, and you’ll need to all the tools at your disposal to help him save the citizens of Sra. With classic point-and-click style controls and the promise of plenty of mini-games, get ready to help Purple become a hero.

Help Purple should be hitting the App Store later this month.