Do you love Google+, but hate how slow they’ve been to add new games to their roster? Then you’ll be glad to know that Gameloft has entered the fray recently, and they’ve brought the one thing to the service that’s been conspicuously absent since launch: farming.

Available on a number of other platforms already, Green Farm is – amazingly – the first game of its kind on Google+. This despite the fact that FarmVille creator Zynga is a rather active player in the space.

Green Farm fared pretty well in our original review back in 2010, and it’s no doubt received a few updates since. While the genre itself is starting to show signs of age, we’re sure that virtual farmers of all shapes and sizes will be delighted to have a chance to slap on a pair of imaginary overalls in their Google+ accounts.

And while this isn’t the first Gameloft game on Google+, it’s probably the only one that’s worth your time. Check out our review of GT Racing: Motor Academy to find out why not every title Gameloft brings to the platform is cause for celebration.