Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Sneak on up, it’s bandit time!

Rhythm games were a dime a dozen just a couple years ago. Now that the hype from series like Guitar Hero and Rock Band has died down, developers are looking for unique ideas to revive the genre. That’s where Beat Sneak Bandit is trying to sneak in. Simogo, who developed other iOS titles such as Kosmo Spin and Bumpy Road, looks to steal our preconceived notions of rhythm games and kick them to the curb.

Beat Sneak Bandit is centered around the story of how Duke Clockface stole all the clocks in the world. This impressive feat has sent the world into chaos, and the Beat Sneak Bandit has taken it upon himself to recover every last one. We can only assume that his method of returning billions of clocks is just as impressive as how they were stolen.

Where Simogo is trying to reinvent the rhythm genre is through the stealth-based gameplay. Just about everything in the world of Beat Sneak Bandit is powered by music. To succeed in the quest, the player will need to tap the screen to the beat to move the Bandit. This is made more difficult as he’ll need to avoid security guards, cameras, lights, traps, and a multitude of other obstacles that fill the Duke’s hideout.

Beat Sneak Bandit Beat Sneak Bandit

In an interview with indiegames.com, Simogo co-founder Simon Flesser said that one of the biggest inspirations for Beat Sneak Bandit‘s animation and visual style was the Rhythm Tengoku series (also known as Rhythm Heaven). Flesser goes on to say that as far as gameplay is concerned, the team was more inspired by logical puzzles and rhythm theories than they were by other rhythm games. This influence can be clearly seen through the game’s trailer, which shows off the funky style and puzzles that heavily rely on patterns and timing.

Beat Sneak Bandit‘s unique style of sneaking to the beat will be launching for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad on February 16, 2012.