While there have been plenty of games about cars to hit Facebook, there haven’t been too many that have really tried to capture the thrill of a proper racing game. Nexon is looking to change that soon, having just announced a Facebook iteration for their popular KartRider franchise, KartRider Dash.

While it’s certainly not as well-known as games like Mario Kart in the West, Nexon has collected more than 270 million registered users for their free-to-play online racing game since its 2004 debut. Bringing the brand to Facebook is a logical next step, as it’s certainly the place that most Western web-based gamers gather to enjoy free-to-play titles.

And this won’t be Nexon’s first time coming to Facebook, either. MapleStory Adventures, Zombie Misfits, and Wonder Cruise are all releases the Korean gaming giant has under their belt. But not all of these titles have had an easy time finding their audience, and Nexon EVP of Social Games Aron Koh has told Inside Social Games “we can do better than we’re doing now.”

And they’ll probably have to if they want KartRider Dash to work. Their iOS iteration, KartRider Rush, was a total flop, earning only half a star in its review here at Gamezebo. And the only other big name racing game on social platforms, GT Racing Academy, wasn’t exactly a shining example of fun either.

Can KartRider Dash defy the odds? Find out when it zooms onto the track this March.

[via Inside Social Games]