Take a relaxing trip around London in Big City Adventure: London Classic

The Big City Adventure series is one of the better known game series, and they’ve done something unique with their latest entry. They have released two versions of their newest game, London Story and London Classic. London Story is a hidden object/adventure game and you can read our review of it here. London Classic is a pure hidden object game, in the same style as the previous entries in the series.

You will be traveling around London and searching through numerous scenes. Between each scene you will be given a puzzle to solve. There are several different styles of puzzles, including jigsaws, mahjong, as well as several others. The puzzles will repeat, but become harder as you progress through the game. Unfortunately, the increased difficulty does not prevent them from becoming repetitive after about the third time you have to solve them.

 London Classic

There are 51 levels to the game, and you will be revisiting areas along the way, but not necessarily the same scene. Each level consists of one hidden object scene and a puzzle, so the game is longer than it appears at first glance.

The hidden object scenes are very well done and accurate. There are a lot of random items lying around, but seeing as this is a hidden object game, that is to be expected. Still, you would expect Westminster Abbey to be kept a little less cluttered. Most of the objects aren’t too difficult to locate, but there are some small items that may require you take out your magnifying glass. Luckily, it is unlikely that you will ever find yourself truly stuck. Hints are plentiful in the game. If you are out of hints, look for gold coins in a scene to collect more. You can also find coins that will provide bonus points, extra time and puzzle skips.

 London Classic

Another nice feature of the game is the information you will receive about the various sites you will be visiting. Each location you go to will provide you with a card full of historical information about the location. It adds a nice educational aspect to the game.

There are also numerous achievements to collect as you play through the levels. You can earn them for things such as completing scenes without using any hints, finishing scenes in record time, and solving puzzles quickly. If you prefer a more relaxed style of play, you can choose to play the game in relaxed mode and the timer will be removed.

Big City Adventure: London Classic is a nice, relaxing game to play when you need a break from all the haunted houses full of mysterious locked doors. You get to explore London at your own pace, solve some puzzles and no one is expecting you to save the world or rescue a lost relative along the way. Even though pure hidden object games aren’t seen much anymore, I’d definitely recommend giving this one a try.