Slots becomes a team sport

Team Slots is yet another iteration on the growing deluge of slots apps, and with it comes a whole new selection of visuals and mini-games set within a quasi-gambling atmosphere. Though solid in its own right, little of the core play is unique. But this particular title does come with one interesting gimmick that brings a moderate amount of competition to the gaming table.

As far as the basic play goes, you are presented with a standard video slots screen of five reels and umpteen payout lines. Like others of its ilk, Team Slots allows you to choose how many lines (20+) to bet on and how much money to put down. Since you begin with a pretty significant starting cash pool, it pays to be a little bit loose and reckless with the gambling. Other familiar features also invade the app with a slew of potential payouts, wild card icons, and the occasional mini-game.

Team Slots

Initiated by having a set number of special icons stop on screen, these mini-games are interesting but not that involved. Nonetheless, they do offer a means for you to up your winnings with guessing challenges. As an example, the slot machine La Cucaracha offers a chili cook-off game in which you get three guesses and four bowls of chili. Each one has a varying temperature and the hotter the cumulative heat level, the more reward you gets. There isn’t much of a gamble here though, as it appears to all be strictly a bonus.

Where gambling does come into play — outside the actual spinning of the reels — is when winnings are earned. When this happens, you get the option to gamble that bit of winnings with a small, card-based guessing game. This is an all or nothing bet in which you can guess either the suit or the color of a random card. If you guess correctly, those winnings will be increased, but if you guess wrong, you’ll walk away with nothing. Since there are four suits and two colors in a standard deck of cards, guessing the former correctly earns greater winnings. Moreover, you can opt to continue guessing for as long as you wish; at least until you guess wrong.

Since the application is named Team Slots, a social teamwork gimmick is also employed. However, it’s not as involved as you might think. At the start of the game you are randomly placed within one of four different teams who play “together” whenever a slots game is entered. Each machine type is actually a room that displays the cumulative winnings of everyone on each team. The idea is to reach an ambiguous winnings threshold (displayed via a filling bar) before the others. Unfortunately, your individual contribution is hard to discern, and winning feels dependent on which ever team happens to have the most people online (it is unclear if there are any sort of balancing mechanisms).

Team Slots

Regardless, even if things are balanced, the rewards for winning each round are trophies that add to a daily competition. The winner of this earns some extra cash to spend and these daily winnings then tie into a similarly designed monthly competition. Additionally, should your team win, you’ll also gain a personal jackpot on top of team winnings to boost the size of your virtual wallet. It’s a nice idea, but it’s not terribly social. Everything is highly impersonal and doesn’t really add much to the core play. It’s all still pretty much spinning reels over and over again with crossed fingers.

Team Slots isn’t a bad game at all from a technical perspective. Nevertheless, it’s still nothing that’s amazing. The individual slot machines are colorful and aesthetically pleasing, but they’re all still just that: slots machines. The app does have a perk or two with the gambling of winnings and the team-based gimmicks, but neither are all that deep and don’t make the title stand out much more than any other slots game. Team Slots simply blends into the crowd with all the others of its genre.