Explore London and search for a lost Egyptian treasure in Big City Adventure: London Story

Take a trip to London in Big City Adventure: London Story. The game begins in the Egyptian wing of the British Museum. You arrive just in time to interrupt a possible theft. The thief escapes, but not before they drop a note that will send you on a hunt all around London, looking for the hidden treasure of Fitzpatrick McGovern. Along the way you will be solving puzzles, searching through hidden object scenes, and helping out a variety of different characters.

London Story is quite different from previous installments of the Big City Adventure series. While previous games are straight hidden object games, London Story is a hidden object/adventure game. However, if you are looking for a pure hidden object game, don’t despair. Jolly Bear Games has also released Big City Adventure: London Classic.

 London Story

You will be traveling all over London during your adventure, and it’s quite easy to become lost in the city. Thankfully, the game features a very helpful map system. On the map you can see what locations you still need to visit and you can fast travel to them. The only problem with this is that sometimes you are unable to perform an action at a location until a much later time but the indicator will be displayed anyway.

In the tradition of Big City Adventure, you will also be searching through numerous hidden object scenes. At the beginning of the game the balance between puzzles and hidden object scenes is very well done. However, the closer you get to the end, the more scenes you will have to search through. Sometimes you will need to play the same scene twice in a row. Also, someone needs to do a better job keeping the historical landmarks tidy. I don’t think the amount of clutter you find laying around Buckingham Palace would be tolerated.

 London Story

You’ll be meeting quite a few people as you explore your surroundings, and every single one of them will need your help, probably more than once. The characters are all fully voiced, and quite humorous. My personal favorite has to be the worst member of the Queen’s Guard ever. In one day, he manages to get demoted twice, but it never deters him. I’m not quite sure how he got the job to begin with.

The graphics in the game are excellent. The locations are all accurate and it’s fun to get to visit London, if only in virtual form. Unfortunately, even with the characters you do interact with, the city feels very empty. There are only two small children at Trafalgar Square and not a single pigeon! For a city that is so full of people, it is a little disconcerting to have every location empty with the exception of one or two people.

If you have ever wanted to explore London, or if you’re just looking for a game that doesn’t involve anything dark and haunted, I highly recommend you give London Story a try.