Take humanity’s last stand in ZiGGURAT

What if you were the last human on earth? It would be pretty lonely, I’d bet. But it would also be better than the alternative. Being dead, that is. ZiGGURAT, the debut iOS game from Freshùu and Action Button Entertainment, places you in the shoes of the last human on earth as they try to survive in the face of a seemingly endless swarm of alien monsters.

Players in ZiGGURAT will stand atop a pyramid – or ziggurat, I suppose – and try to fight off an army of cyclopean monsters that attack from the left and right. Armed with only a laser rifle, you’ll control direction by swiping left and right at the bottom of the screen (so as not to block your view of the action).


Enemies each have a single, giant eyeball – and it grows and shrinks as they jump up and down. Likewise, the size of your laser blast will fluctuate the longer you hold your finger down. Match up a big laser blast with a big eyeball and BOOM! You’ll get a big explosion. And if any other eyes are caught in the blast they’ll explode too, causing a massive chain reaction.

Freshùu are promising deep stat-tracking, endless gameplay (despite the end of the word), and an 8-bit soundtrack so good that they’re insisting “If the theme music from ZiGGURAT doesn’t impress you, you are not invited to my birthday party.”

Can’t wait to take humanity’s last stand? ZiGGURAT should hopefully be hitting the App Store next week.