If you’re a huge fan of The Sims, love the sound of “free,” and own an Android, today is your lucky day. Well, maybe not today, but you’re lucky day is coming – and soon! Electronic Arts has just confirmed that The Sims FreePlay will be making its way to the Android Market before the end of the month.

Originally debuting on the iPhone and iPad back in December, The Sims FreePlay takes everything you love about The Sims 3 and reimagines it for a free-to-play audience. If you’re thinking to yourself “isn’t that what The Sims Social on Facebook is?,” we can see where you’re coming from – but I assure you, The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Social are two very different beasts.

We’re big fans of both titles here at Gamezebo, but only FreePlay managed to be good enough to earn a perfect score from our review crew. Not only that, but the game was our pick for best freemium mobile game of 2011, as well as December’s mobile game of the month. So what makes The Sims Freeplay so great? Be sure to read our five star review as you wait for its Android release and find out!