Wadjet Eye Games announces Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass

Get ready to jump into a comical world of professional wrestling, obsessed fans and even kidnapping in Wadjet Eye Games and Chris Burton’s new point and click adventure: Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass.

For a wrestler named after intelligence, Brain isn’t the smartest wrestler in the bunch, but this hopelessly narcissistic member of the famous wrestling trio Da New Guys suddenly winds up holding the title belt (much to the dismay of Wrestle Zone’s fellow combatants). After Brain and the belt are abducted, it will be up to you to help Simon and Defender rescue their little buddy and prove that perhaps Brain deserved to win the title after all.

Inspired by classic PC point and click adventure games like the Secret of Monkey Island, Da New Guys focuses on humor while allowing you to explore various environments (a bar, apartment complex, office buildings and more) in a cartoon setting, with plenty of references to pop culture along the way (including some that allude to real world professional wrestlers).

You’ll meet seven main characters along the way, each with their own personalities and in-ring personas, like O’Sullivan, the senile owner of Wrestle Zone who still believes he has the strength of his youth, Smiley Joe, an eight-year-old whose quick thinking and even quicker tongue found him a place in the ring with his idols, and Dave Mayhem, a showboat known for putting his name on anything for the right price.

 Day of the Jackass

 Day of the Jackass

By simply pointing and clicking your way around the game’s environments, you’ll take part in street fights, car chases and will even need to handle the occasional obsessed fan or two as you work to rescue Brain. You can do all that and more when Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass launches on PC on February 29.