Waveform is an arcade-style game with a mathematical inspiration

While most people going through school hated math or had a hard time with it, something about math always clicked with me. I won’t say that I’m particularly gifted when it comes to numbers, but they just make sense. There’s no theory or interpretation with math; everything is fixed and definitive. 1+1 will always equal 2 just the same as 3 will always be a prime number. It makes me happy to know that there’s a single person out there developing a game based on a mathematical concept. It finds you manipulating light in outer space, and it’s called Waveform.

While you won’t be doing any actual math when you play it, you will find a retro style sort of rhythm/puzzling/action game. A galaxy is dying, and it’s your task to restore light by manipulating a wave of light that is travelling through space. Simple controls fit right into the math inspiration. Players will click and drag left and right to control the sine wave, while up and down changes the amplitude. It may sound somewhat eggheady, but all it really means if you’ll have to adjust the wave to line up with objectives and avoid obstacles.

Almost 100 levels and an 80’s inspired look and feel await you. As you might expect, the challenge promises to ramp up along the way. Steam achievements and an in-game editor will be there too if you’re not satisfied with simply having the main portion of the game.



Waveform will be debuting exclusively on PC sometime in February, but the developer hopes to use any revenue to port it to Android, iOS, Mac and Linux.

Don’t let all my math talk scare you away. While math might be the underlying principle behind the game, Waveform looks to be all retro-tinged gaming fun.