Thanks to the Pokemon series, catching and battling monsters has become its very own genre. A number of titles have already attempted to take that same magic and transport it to mobile and social platforms, but the developers at Red Seraphim are attempting to do something a bit different. Not only will the upcoming Kymera Keeper feature more in-depth gameplay, it will also be available across a range of platforms.

Just how deep is Kymera Keeper? Well, the developers say that at launch there will be 50 different creatures to collect and battle, more than 500 skills to teach them, and a number of items to equip, offering up plenty of variety in terms of strategy. And more of this content, including new kymera, is expected to be added after the game’s launch.

“The strategic element of being able to build a team and customize their skills within the context of a metagame is missing from the social gaming space right now,” Red Seraphim’s Dyuman Bhatt told Gamezebo. “We want to create that for the mid-core crowd and expand on Kymera Keeper with new mechanics not seen in our competitors’ titles.”


Not only will the game offer strategic play, you’ll also be able to play it from a number of different platforms. It’s currently in beta on Facebook, but both Android and iOS versions of Kymera Keeper are set to launch in a few months’ time, and players will be able to switch between each platform as they see fit — so you can start on your computer and pick up later on a mobile device. And from the sounds of it, the game will be nearly identical no matter which device you play on.

“We were mindful to ensure players won’t be at a disadvantage just because they chose a particular platform to play on, and I think we’ve done a good job of maintaining that point of integrity,” Bhatt told Gamezebo. “This is one of the few traditional gaming experiences available on so many devices with no sacrifices in gameplay to the player.”

The team is currently hoping to raise $7,500 through Kickstarter to help fund the rest of the development. The money will go towards overhead costs, additional polish, and even some new content, among other things. And any leftover funds will be used to try and bring the game to even more platforms, such as Google+ or Kongregate. Those who donate will be able to earn everything from free in-game virtual currency to one-of-a-kind posters and unique kymera.

You can head on over to the game’s Kickstarter page to see a video of the game in action, as well as some more details on the team at Red Seraphim. The Facebook version is currently in an open beta and you can check it out here.


As for why the studio decided to go the Kickstarter route, well, Bhatt believes that Kymera Keeper is a great fit for that particular community.

“Kickstarter is a great place to show off innovative games and tech!” he told Gamezebo. “It’s an entire community of early adopters that actively look for new things. I think Kymera Keeper offers a fresh approach to social and mobile games, even though the technology is familiar. This is a title that many people can enjoy, and we would love for the Kickstarter community to jump on board and spread the word.”

Project Name: Kymera Keeper

Platforms: Facebook, iOS, Android

Funding Needed: $7,500

Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $205

Days Left: 29

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