Clay Jam molds its way onto mobile next month

Claymation is a lot of fun to watch, but it hasn’t had much luck crossing over into the realm of video games. I think the last time I played a claymation game was with ClayFighter back in the mid-90s. However developer Fat Pebble is getting ready to bring the animation style to mobile devices with Clay Jam, and it looks like the game will be a true work of art.

The concept here is based around taking the path of least resistance. You control a clay pebble that’s been rolled down a hill. As said pebble rolls, other clay creatures and structures start to crop up and get in the way. The pebble can roll over smaller creatures at first, flattening them and wearing them as multi-colored splatters, but it can’t take out anything over a certain size. As a result, you have to draw a groove into the clay landscape in order to change the route.

The game sounds like it’ll feature gameplay reminiscent of Katamari Damacy: squishing smaller clay objects/creatures will add to the pebble’s mass, which makes it go faster and grants it additional crushing power.

Clay Jam

Clay Jam

Fat Pebble clearly wants to get the community involved in creating content for the game, so it’s announced a “Make A Monster” competition where people are encouraged to design a clay creature any way they want (which means you can draw, paint, or sculpt it) and the winning entry will be included in the game as a boss.

Clay Jam is due out for iOS and Android this February.