GOG.com might be looking to shed its “good old games” moniker as it ramps up to start featuring exclusive game releases in the coming year, but that doesn’t mean PC classics won’t still be showing up on their service. Case in point, GOG has just signed a deal with Square Enix to bring some of its massive back catalog to their digital storefront.

The first two games, Hitman: Codename 47 and Deus Ex, are available on GOG.com right now, with the promise of more games being announced in the coming weeks. No word on what those games will be, but it’s worth noting that Final Fantasy VII was available for the PC back in the day. If GOG is able to package that for modern PC’s, complete with the cool bonus material that their site is known for, there’s a good chance they’ll have their biggest seller yet.

It’s also worth noting that Square Enix owns Eidos and their catalogue of games now, so both the Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain series should be fair game.

If there’s any classic Square Enix game you’d like to see hit GOG, what would it be?