Zynga Bingo heads into closed beta starting today

Originally announced all the way back in October at Zynga’s Unleashed event, Zynga has finally released some details on the upcoming Zynga Bingo. The Facebook game maintains much of what has made bingo such an enduring game, but spices things up with the addition of power-ups and social features.

Just like in Zynga Poker, you’ll be able to play with other bingo fiends in real-time, and there are features that let you chat with other players and search for your friends. You can play with up to six bingo cards at a time and the game attempts to make this virtual rendition of the game a bit more interesting with the inclusion of power-ups. One such power-up lets you benefit from having friends playing, as you can have friends automatically dab one square on your card.

Zynga Bingo features some fairly standard themed rooms to play in, including ones based on Las Vegas and pirates, but you’ll also find a few unique rooms. Namely, you’ll be able to play in rooms based on some of the developer’s most popular games, including CityVille and FarmVille.

Zynga Bingo is going into a closed beta starting today, and will be launching for everyone on Facebook in the coming weeks. You can visit the game’s Facebook page to learn more about how to get in on the beta.