Dream PetHouse takes hotel management to the trees

If games are to be believed, pet hotels are a booming business. And the more elaborate the hotel, the better. Following in the footsteps of games like Tap Pet Hotel, Zynga’s Dream PetHouse lets you build up a massive, kind of crazy hotel for animals. Difference is, it’s not just any other hotel — it’s in a tree.

The game has launched a bit early in Canada, and our time spent with the game so far has revealed a title that, despite it’s somewhat unusual premise, plays a lot like existing free-to-play games. It’s basically a mash-up of Tap Pet Hotel and JollyWood. You build rooms for different types of animals, ranging from puppies to penguins, and they’ll earn you rent. You’ll also need to feed them to make them grow and mature.

Dream PetHouse Dream PetHouse

You can also outfit your tree with decorations and fun rooms to keep your pets occupied, A steady stream of goals will keep you on track and you can, of course, visit friends’ trees by connecting via Facebook.

We’ve only spent a bit of time with Dream PetHouse, but so far it feels like a fairly standard hotel management game, but with a fun visual twist. No word yet on when the game will get a more widespread release.