EA Mobile takes to the skies in Fly With Me! this February

As someone who grew up watching Charles Bronson flicks, I know that vengeance is a dish best served cold. EA Mobile, though, is setting out to prove that revenge is a dish that also tastes great when it’s served on an adorable platter, courtesy of its new iOS title Fly With Me!

The game is set to star a sparrow that lives happily in a backyard until a group of mean-spirited bees decide to knock over his drink for no particular reason. As a result, the bird sets out on a quest of retaliation that lasts for 45 levels.

Fly With Me!

Fly With Me!

It’s up to you to guide the sparrow on his journey through a massive selection of environments. Tapping the screen will keep the bird aloft while he soars through tight spaces, gobbles up bees, and avoids hazards like Venus Flytraps. Along the way you can pick up “Golden Gears” that (once you have them all) will allow you to unlock the Robot Bird and stomp the bees out of existence.

EA is working hard to make this game appealing to all ages, with a variety of difficulty levels. There’s a “Kid Mode” that’s set to be easy enough for little ones to play through. Meanwhile, there’ll also be three different challenge modes for more advanced players to enjoy.

Fly With Me! Is set to be released sometime in February.