Tweet Land will turn other people’s tweets into your traffic problems on January 31st

If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of time on Twitter. Aside from mundane things — like when we announce we’ve arrived at a restaurant or club — we also tweet about all the goofy/crazy stuff we see. But what happens when our tweets become part of a game’s world? The upcoming racing title Tweet Land is going to show the results, and they look delightfully crazy.

The game is, at its core, a retro-style top down racer — one that looks a lot like the old Spy Hunter arcade games. You rip along freeways, wrecking cars by knocking off the road or using special weapons and abilities. What makes things crazy is that other people’s tweets affect the game’s reality.

That may sound confusing, but based on the game’s trailer it will work something like this: Someone sees a traffic accident and tweets about it, the game then shows the tweet and creates a corresponding car wreck in the road in front of you. I’m not sure what will cause a Godzilla-like attack, but that’s one of the other possibilities that’s on display.

Tweet Land

Tweet Land

Tweet Land‘s concept is certainly impressive, especially when you consider all the crazy possibilities that could be created from people’s tweets (I’d love to see an Eggs-wing attack). What will be really interesting to see is how regularly tweets of note are caught and put into the game. However, it should be noted that you won’t need a Twitter account to play the game.

Tweet Land is due out on January 31st for iOS devices.