Kids Vs. Goblins channels the spirit of Labyrinth into a mobile RPG this February

If the movie Labyrinth taught us anything, it’s that you have to take matters into your own hands when your kid brother gets stolen by goblins (well, that and how David Bowie makes everything he touches awesome). Kids vs. Goblins continues this trend, though it looks like there’ll be a lot more monster-fighting — as opposed to catchy musical numbers — this time around.

The game stars three kids who are on a quest to take their brother back from the Goblin King. You guide them through seven different environments and battling monsters along the way.

Each kid plays differently, with a unique set of spells for you to access. The game is set to feature 80 different spells for you to use; the key to success in a battle is combining each kid’s spells in order to create devastating effects on the battlefield.

Based on the trailer, the game looks like it’s going to feature some amazing graphics and fast-paced gameplay.

Kids vs. Goblins is due out in February for iOS devices.