The team behind The Clockwork Man wants to train your brain

Fans of The Clockwork Man are no doubt hoping that the team at Total Eclipse are furiously working away at a third installment in the series, but who can say? While we don’t really have any confirmation on The Clockwork Man 3, Total Eclipse’s next game seems like a pretty clear indication that they’re not quite done with the franchise yet: A Clockwork Brain.

A Clockwork Brain A Clockwork Brain

Rather than taking players on a Victorian-era steampunk adventure, A Clockwork Brain is a Victorian-era steampunk brain trainer of sorts. Think Brain Age or Big Brain Academy, but with cogs and robots instead of Dr. Kawashima and sudoku.

A free-to-play title, A Clockwork Brain will provide players with five different brain-strengthening mini-games for free (one of which will be unlockable), and another six will be available through in-app purchase. According to Total Eclipse, the games will train visual/spatial abilities, language processing, logic, arithmetic, and memory – that’s quite a hefty number of elements for the freemium price!

A Clockwork Brain A Clockwork Brain

And what’s available at launch isn’t all that’s planned for A Clockwork Brain, either. Players can expect more mini-games, special power ups, OpenFeint and Game Center achievements, and a chart to track your progress – all planned for future updates.

Total Eclipse may have made a name for themselves in the desktop gaming world, but they’re no slouches when it comes to iOS games, either. Their first mobile release, Maya’s Dress Up, is one of the few dress-up games on the market that impressed us enough to warrant a review. And like Maya’s Dress Up, A Clockwork Brain is set to feature gorgeous hand drawn art and plenty of polish.

Can’t wait to get your brain train on? A Clockwork Brain will be hitting the iPhone and iPad in mid-February.