The makers of Pinball Ride are coming back, and this time, they’re Pinball Maniacs!

Back in 2009, Massive Finger had a bonafide hit on their hands with Pinball Ride. Since its release the game has been downloaded 3.3 million times; that’s a number that any developer would look at with envy. Now, three years later, Massive Finger are coming back to the world of bumpers and steel balls with the upcoming release of Pinball Maniacs.

Pinball Maniacs Pinball Maniacs

Unlike other pinball games on the App Store, Pinball Maniacs is looking to take pinball into a unique new direction. Pinball Maniacs will tell a story in which a hero and his friends go on a treasure hunt, but encounter plenty of enemies along the way.

And while storytelling in pinball isn’t exactly groundbreaking (most tables try to tell some sort of rudimentary story in one way or another), the gameplay here – which combines elements of pinball and Breakout – should be. The developers are also promising unique patterns of enemies and explosive power-ups.

“Since we released Pinball Ride in 2009,” Massive Finger CEO Laurent Mascherpa tells us, “tons of great pinball games have come out. We want to refresh the pinball genre introducing some breakout elements, offer people a pinball experience they can’t find yet on iPhone (or iPad).”

Pinball Maniacs Pinball Maniacs

Pinball Maniacs will be available as a free download, and when the game first releases, it will ship with two tables, “Pirate Bay” and “Dragon Castle.” The first table will be completely free, with the second unlockable through certain challenges, or by making an in-app purchase.

There’s no release date other than “soon” available at the moment, but with some unique elements and a fantastic art style, you’d better believe this is one we’re going to be keeping our eyes on. Be sure to follow Pinball Maniacs right here at Gamezebo to be notified the moment it’s released!