Youda Mayor delves into the world of city management this May

Whether it’s fisherman, farmer, or fairy, Youda Games have been giving players a chance to live their dreams by filling any number of unique shoes. In their next game, Youda will be putting players in the biggest shoes any city has to offer – mayor shoes!

Youda Mayor

Youda Mayor

With Youda Mayor, Youda Games will be making a foray into the ever popular world of city building. Players will attempt to get their city running smoothly by choosing the right residents, buildings, infrastructure, and personnel who can help you keep the city in tip top shape.

While the game will only offer one city to play with, Youda are promising nine unique suburbs that each have their own flavor and challenges. And while Youda Mayor may seem like it’s entirely built around city-building tropes at first glance, Youda Games are also promising some “time management challenges.”

Youda Mayor is expected to release for PC’s and Macs on May 1st, 2012.