Speed Blazers looks fast enough to melt your brain

Are you a racing game fan? Then stop what you’re doing and watch the trailer below. It’s OK if your jaw has dropped; mine did too. This is trailer for Speed Blazers, which looks like it may very well be the craziest platform racer to hit mobile platforms yet.

Whether or not the game actually has a storyline isn’t really clear. The game’s trailer is filled with a number of goofy settings (including modern cities, a fantasy kingdom, and the Wild West) that characters are able to float, glide, dash, and jump through at incredible speeds.

The initial game is going to come with four playable characters (all of whom have their own unique abilities and tricks), as well as 32 different stages. Developer Fraktalvoid is promising that regular updates will contain new tracks and characters.

Speed Blazers

Speed Blazers

Early screenshots are completely insane, though that’s only meant as a compliment. The 3D characters and environments are incredibly colorful, and the tracks look like a roller coaster junkie’s fantasy come true.

At the moment, Speed Blazers doesn’t have a definite release date attached to it. However, it’s been revealed that the closed beta is finished, so the game will be arriving on iOS and Android platforms within the next few weeks.