As it continues to push into the mobile space, 6waves Lolapps has announced that it has acquired Escalation Studios, the Dallas-based developer behind mobile games like Yeti Town and Splode. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Those two games were actually publshed by 6waves, and the acquisition stemmed from this arrangement. Eventually the two companies realized that their visions were in allignment, and so Escalation has become the latest addition to 6waves, joining offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, and San Francisco.

Prior to the announcement, Escalation was primarily a work-for-hire company, developing games for larger companies like id, ngmoco, and Warner Brothers. The five year old studio has never received any funding.

“Being independent isn’t the easiest thing in the world,” Escalation co-founder Marc Tardiff told Gamezebo, explaining that the acquisition will allow the studio to focus on developing original titles.

Just what those titles are remains to be seen. 6waves’ chief product officer Arjun Sethi described upcoming projects as real-time, persistent, and cross-platform, with a focus on Facebook, iOS, and Android. Escalation will also continue to work on updates for both Splode and Yeti Town.

“If you look at the stuff that Escalation has done in the past,” Tardiff told Gamezebo, “you’ll have a good idea at what our future games will be.”