Even though it’s been around for more than a year, Fishlabs isn’t finished with Galaxy on Fire 2. If you haven’t checked out the game, you really should, and if you’ve already played through the entire game, as well as its expansion Valkyrie, you’ll be pleased to hear that the company has announced its second expansion for the game —Supernova — is due out later this year.

Supernova continues the epic story of the space mercenary Keith T. Maxwell, picking up right where the last expansion left off. Supernova is set to focus on the struggle between the Nivelian Republic and the Midorian confederation.

According to Fishlabs, Keith still isn’t read to settle down after he solves the Valkyrie conspiracy, even though life has returned to normal for everyone aboard the Deep Science space station. Thankfully, things turn exciting again when Keith receives a call from help: A supernova (which may not be natural) is threatening an entire sector of space.

Fishlabs is promising that this new expansion will provide another ten hours or so of gameplay. On top of that Supernova will also contain a lot of new content, including characters, gadgets and ships.

The developer hasn’t announced a definite release date for the add-on, but it’s stated that it’ll come out sometime in the second quarter of this year. On top of that, press will be able to get a first glimpse of Supernova at GDC this March.