Madfinger goes multiplayer in Shadowgun: Deadzone

Say what you want about Madfinger Games’ Shadowgun – the title was wickedly over-the-top and was one of the best-looking titles to hit mobile devices in recent memory. Now, Madfinger has revealed that it’s working on a follow-up called Shadowgun: Deadzone, which is going to let you share the crazy shooter fun with your friends.

Deadzone will be a standalone multiplayer title, which is honestly a great idea. The original Shadowgun didn’t feature any online modes and would have benefited from some extra content. You’ll be able to engage up to seven other people in online battles across four different environments, and play as several different characters. Madfinger has also revealed that there will be “several game modes,” but hasn’t revealed any outside of deathmatch and team deathmatch.

From the sound of things, online battles will require a Wi-Fi connection; it’s not known right now if the game will be playable with phones when they’re on 3G/4G connections.



What’s particularly interesting about Shadowgun: Deadzone is that it’s going to have an exclusive debut on mobile devices powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor (side note: Superman fans will be delighted to hear that the Tegra 3 is also known as the “Kal-El” series). However, Madfinger’s press release is promising that the game will come to iOS devices, too.

Madfinger hasn’t revealed exactly when it’s planning to release Shadowgun: Deadzone, though it is claiming that the game will be out some time within the first quarter of 2012.