Battle Buddies to pit players against each other in line-drawing tactical combat

Finnish game development studio Supercell has built a solid reputation, thanks to its popular social RPG The game managed to get a bunch of Facebook users hooked, but never moved off of PCs. Now Supercell is now about to enter the mobile gaming market with Battle Buddies, a tactical shooter for iOS and Android devices.

Battle Buddies

The game will be a freemium title that combines tactical combat and topdown line-drawing. Players control customizable teams of six soldiers each, and your forces can be just about as ridiculous and goofy as you want. Players can kit out soldiers with unique outfits and weaponry, some of which are capable of destroying environmental objects (like the Wrecking Ball Launcher). You’ll even have access to leveling-up systems like so many AAA shooters feature these days.

What’s really interesting about Battle Buddies, though, is that the game will allow players to go head-to-head even if they’re on different platforms. This means that even if you’re on an iPad, you’ll be able to face off against users who are using an Android device.

Supercell is promising that Battle Buddies will come out sometime in early 2012 for iOS, with the Android version to follow soon afterwards.