Ion’s iCade arcade cabinet has managed to provide those of us who frittered away our formative years in video arcades (and own iPads) relive the nostalgia of our youth. Not only does the device recreate the arcade control experience, but it also provides you with a free copy of Atari’s Greatest Hits. Now, it turns out that the iCade cabinet is getting some siblings, including two that are compatible with the iPhone.

Ion is currently at CES, showing off two new devices, plus one redesigned model. The redesign is an updated version of the iCade, which has lost the cabinet but retains the original joystiq and button layout.

Meanwhile, 2012 will also see two new models that are iPod Touch and iPhone compatible. One version, the iCade Mobile, is expected to sell for $79.99 and looks kind of like the old Atari Lynx handheld systems. Meanwhile, the iCade Jr. will also work with smaller iOS devices and will feature the design of its predecessor, miniature cabinet and all (though it will only include four buttons on the front deck).


According to Engadget, the iCade Jr. doesn’t have a working model on display at CES, but Ion is supposedly going to have a working model out by Spring that will reportedly sell for $49.