Take one part Diner Dash, add one part Delicious Deluxe, mix them together and set them in the stone age and you have Stone Age

In Stone Age Café you play as a young woman named Chuchii. Your tribe’s shaman has foretold your destiny as the tribe’s cook, and thus begins the game. If you have played restaurant themed time management games in the past you won’t find anything new here besides being set during the Stone Age: In other words, you’ll be seating customers, cooking food, and desperately trying to keep your customers happy as you run your café.

You begin the game with minimal items to cook and to work with. As you finish levels you will be able to purchase new items and upgrades so that you can cook faster and keep you customers happy for longer periods of time. There are numerous upgrades to purchase, and you will have to save up to buy them all. You’ll need to strategize what you want to buy because the gameplay gets pretty hectic in the later levels. If you haven’t upgraded the right items you could find yourself with a line a mile long full of unhappy customers.

Stone Age Cafe

You will also need to take different customers attitudes into consideration. Seating cavemen next to one another can be a bad idea, as they will sometimes start fighting and you’ll need to break them up. Some customers are more patient than others and some take their time eating. You will need to plan accordingly if you want to keep your customers happy.

Similar to the Diner Dash series, every customer that comes to your café will be wearing a specific color. You can earn bonuses by placing customers wearing the same colors in the same chair. If you want to earn a master rating on a level you will need to take advantage of these bonuses. Unlike similar games, you do not earn bonuses for repeating tasks.

Stone Age Café is fun to play but it does have its share of problems. You need to be very accurate when you are clicking because it’s very easy to place a customer in the wrong chair, or serve an item to the wrong customer (very annoying when you were trying to cheer someone up and they end up leaving). Also, due to everyone sitting at one long bar, the information above a customer’s head (order, hearts) can cover up the order of the person behind them.

Stone Age Cafe

The graphics in the game a pleasant and fun to look at but each section of the game is twenty levels long so you will be looking at the same café for quite a while. The music in the game is fun but gets very repetitive very fast. I ended up muting it before the end of the second level.

While Stone Age Café may not add anything new to the genre it is still worth a look. If you are looking for a fun time management game to play I would recommend giving the demo a try.