Press Your Luck on Facebook is a great game of trivia that doesn’t let you play near enough

Following the success of games like The Price is Right and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, developer Ludia is bring yet another game show to Facebook. Press Your Luck is a game of general knowledge that can be fun for those seeking to go up against other game players, but is rather short lived in its tenure. Consisting only of a extraordinarily limited rounds of play, the game leaves players high and dry before they even get started.

The rules are simple enough. After making a daily spin to earn new “Episodes” (these are sets of trivia with other users), you are presented with a group of other random players and a series of questions. There are eight in total and they’re valued anywhere from $500 to $1000. Additionally, one of the eight rounds is a dangerous “Whammy!” round (more on that shortly). As you can probably guess, the objective is to be the one with the most cash by the end of the match.

Press Your Luck on Facebook

With each round, you are given a single, multiple choice question, that ranges from general knowledge to pop culture, and a few seconds to answer. Should you pick the correct answer, you will earn cash based on the value of the round, multiplied by the number of players that got it incorrect. Also, there are further bonuses for being the fastest person to answer correctly. It’s also worth noting that there is no penalty for answering incorrectly; if it turns out to be a cash round.

The key word here is “if” for there is a chance that the round could be a “Whammy!” round. If this is the case, then an incorrect answer will result in the loss of all cash accrued up to that point. This is the one place where a little bit of strategy comes into play too, as you are able to invite friends to Press Your Luck and utilize up to two as “Wildcards.” Doing so will allow you to pass on a question with no penalization.

If you are wise enough, you will join the top three on the final “Big Board” at the end of the game. This mode is a whole new beast as each user attempts to maximize their winnings with a little bit of luck and strategy. Given up to five spins, they move across a board with squares that can either exponentially increase their cash, or drain it all completely. Here’s where strategy comes into play: each player involved can either use their spins (and try their luck) or pass them to the other two players. A passed spin cannot be passed again and must be played. This mechanic creates a lot of tension, as each spin can either ensure your chance at winning or nullify it completely.

Press Your Luck on Facebook

Truth be told, Press Your Luck is a fantastic game if you enjoy trivia apps, but there is one major flaw. Players barely get to play at all! The first time you visit the app, depending on your luck with the daily spin, you may only get to play one game. Yes, just one, and that only lasts a few minutes. That means that unless you are extremely good at trivia, you won’t even get to see the entirety of what the app offers. Moreover, the only way to get more, aside from waiting until the next day, is to use Facebook credits.

That’s the only noticeable issue with Press Your Luck, but it goes without saying that it’s a pretty significant one. For a new user, there just isn’t enough to hook them into playing again, and because the game is a quality trivia title, it leaves them frustrated in that they can’t really play at all. Assuming this issue gets remedied, the game is well designed enough and it’s an excellent balance of knowledge, strategy, and luck. Suffice to say, Press Your Luck is certainly worth a look.