Red November to make the jump from tabletop to digital later this month

All hands on deck! There’s a gnomish emergency 20,000 leagues below the sea! Or at least there will be later this month. That’s when Fierce Wombat Games will be making their much anticipated debut on the scene with a digital adaptation of Fantasy Flight Games’ Red November.

Originally published in 2008 as a print board game, Red November is destined for release initially on the iPad, followed by a release on Steam for PC and Mac users. A co-op game at its very heart, Fierce Wombat are promising online multiplayer – and you’ll want as many of your Gnome-loving friends as you can to help. Players will be trying to fix an assortment of never-ending problems on a sub-par submarine, from putting out fires and flooding rooms to missile malfunctions and the threat of a giant kraken that’s just waiting to devour you all!

Fantasy Flight Games seem to be on a roll lately, with fantastic digital recreations of Hey, That’s My Fish! and Elder Sign already available for purchase. “Many of us on the Fierce Wombat team have been avid fans of Fantasy Flight Games for years,” said Graeme Bayless, Fierce Wombat Games’ General Manager of Gaming. “Red November has long been a favorite around the office, and we’re looking forward to bringing the tabletop experience to a wider audience via mobile and digital platforms.”

It doesn’t look Red November will be the last collaboration between the two, either. Fantasy Flight and Fierce Wombat have partnered to bring multiple tabletop releases to the digital frontier.

With plenty of animations and endless mariner mayhem, Red November should be a real treat for digital gamers looking for a bit of board game fun. Keep an eye out for it later this month.